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Motorcycle Wisdom welcomes you to Motorcycle VideosMotorcycle Videos provides the best motorcycle videos online.  The motorcycle videos displayed below are videos found on YouTube and other resources.

The Best Motorcycle Videos
Motorcycle Stunts - Insane video with best background
Tokyo Drift - YouTube video with crazy speed bike stunts.
Kids Stunts on Pocket Bikes - Kids doing wicked stunts
Motorcycle Crashes - Motorcycle Riders Crashing.
300kph an hour - Someone going 300 Kph an hour down city streets.
Robbie Maddison's World Record Jump - World Record Jump.
Record Motorcycle Jumps - World record jumps by Red Bull.
The Chainsaw Bike - 24 Dolmar PS-7900 Chainsaw Motors.
Biggest Motorcycle - This a video of the biggest motorcycle.
The Hubless Monster - An amazing rim or spoke less chopper
Motorcycle Tricks - A Collection of different motorcycle tricks videos.

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Harley-Davidson is the #1 name in choppers.
With excellent manufacturing skills and quality bikes.

Indiana Motorcycles was founded in 1901.
And still to this day make great riding cruisers.

Yamaha Motorcycles known for making great speed bikes
with the R series bikes.

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